About Us

burleson-coupleBurleson Service Company has always worked to provide the highest level of quality at a fair and competitive price. We don’t use gimmicks like a “free whatever” then insert the fine print here and ask you for all your money later.
We will come to your home or business, provide a diagnostic with needed repairs along with the exact cost of repairs before we start spending any of your hard-earned money.

We believe that our customers should always have an understanding of what exactly it is they are purchasing. If our technician is unable to satisfactorily answer your questions Robert’s (owner) cell phone is 817-253-5551 and is always available to speak with his customers about their concerns.


Our experience covers a broad range of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation brands. With over 100 years of cumulative experience, we have a knowledge pool that works to save you money.

As with any appliance, each brand of air conditioning and heating equipment has certain eccentricities and propensities for failure. We take time to “round table” our experiences weekly so each technician can benefit from each other’s hands-on repairs. Many times, this saves our customers money in reduced labor charges.

Reliability and Quality

When shopping for your new heating and cooling system, trust Robert’s 35 years of experience in the Air Conditioning and Heating industry. He will only recommend a system that he would install in his own home. What he won’t sell you is a “budget model” under the pretense of being as good as the rest.

As with anything, there are Cadillac’s and there are the ones you always see broke down on the side of the road. Robert will spend time with you to understand what your needs are and give you the honest truth about which air conditioners will see you through a Texas August and which ones might leave you stranded.

Robert and Nancy Hardter, Owners

Robert and Nancy are proud to serve the community with the skills they have acquired over the years. They have 3 dogs, 4 horses and a farm just south of Cleburne.

They both enjoy traveling on their Harleys in the spring and fall when work permits, attend church in Alvarado and are inseparable. They work together, play together & dream together. When one of them makes a promise to you, both of them make a promise to you!

Trust the company that has been taking care of you for the past 33 years. Trust Burleson Service Company. Call us today at 817-295-0071 for more information about our air conditioning and heating services.