Kevin G.

As the heat of late spring was approaching, we were once again faced with repairing an aging and undersized air conditioning system. I had thrown a minimum of $500 per year at my old system and had never been happy with the performance. We decided to endure the swelter for a few days while we did some research and solicited bids on a new system.

Luckily, a friend suggested that we call Burleson Service Company. We were offered solutions to all of the existing technical problems that had been inherent with the old system. We also wanted to move the outside unit to the east side of the house. This technical request was solved and accomplished rather painlessly compared to the proposals we had received from several other service companies. It was also pointed out that our duct work was woefully inadequate so this too was changed out rather than patched up.

We received a thorough explanation of our needs and we were also given an honest answer about the $1,500 tax rebate. Not every company we talked to fully understand the tax rebate program so I appreciate that fact that Burleson Service Company explained to me "why I would not be eligible for this rebate, prior to installing the system." The entire installation process was conducted in a timely, clean and efficient manner.

The work was completed at the quoted price and there were no hidden or additional charges that appeared after the work was started. Thus far, the cooling performance of this system has surpassed our expectations. The unit is quiet and most of all does not constantly run and struggle to keep the house cool.

Thank You for the workmanship performed on our new system and we will definitely recommend Burleson Service Company to friends and family.